Group of old black and caucasian men talking in parkWhat’s fair is FAIR.

The FAIR (Ford Actions Impacting Retirees) Alliance is a growing community of salaried retirees and spouses comprised of former employees, supervisors, and managers whose traditional medical benefits plan has been withdrawn by Ford Motor Company at a time when these individuals are most at risk. It is our mission to protect the rightly earned benefits of our members against further erosion by corporate practices, policies, and procedures.

United and strong.
Fighting for you.

With a constantly growing membership already representing thousands of individuals, FAIR Alliance has become a loud and unified voice absolutely committed to the preservation and promotion of medical and financial retirement security for its members, as well as the resurgence and continued success of Ford Motor Company’s competitive position in a global automotive industry.

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  • Get regular updates of company and retirement issues that affect you.
  • Be part of a growing community of fellow retirees working together with Ford to prevent further erosion of your company benefits and to protect our priceless pensions.
  • Assist the more elderly retirees and their spouses who are struggling with unmanageable issues related to the company’s withdrawal of its medical benefits plan.
  • Help reinforce a positive attitude among fixed-income retirees whose financial security may be threatened by the inevitable rising cost of living.